The magnifi-scent power of smell: Q&A with Ashley & Co.

For Kiwi brand Ashley & Co., uplifting people through scent is at the heart of what they do. My Food Bag‘s Liesl ‘Liquorice’ caught up with owner and founder Jackie Ashley about what wellbeing means to her.

Ashley & Co. founder and owner Jackie Ashley

What sparked the idea to start Ashley & Co.?

It seems like a lifetime ago now! Really what ignited the idea was a desire for beautifully scented products for use at home, everyday. At the time, the home fragrance market was limited to paraffin candles and potpourri – not very appealing! Reed Diffusers weren’t available in New Zealand at the time, so I began with these. I wanted to create products with a story and personality – something I could expand into other scent-based home essentials.

What is the ethos / philosophy behind the brand?

We believe scent can positively affect your mood. It can uplift, enliven, soothe the soul. So we’ve created products that can do this in multiple ways during the day, creating a moment of pause for busy lives. 

How do Ashley & Co.’s products and healthy eating / wellbeing link together?

It’s all about engaging the senses. Through the power of scent and functional everyday products, wellbeing can be enhanced – even if it’s just washing your hands. We focus on using scent to create these positive moments throughout the day.   

Taking the time to go for a walk, connect with nature, and eat delicious and nutritious food – these are also small decisions that can serve you positively and can support good health and wellbeing. 

In what ways do the Ashley & Co. and Fresh Start brands align?

I think we all believe in encouraging people to do things that make them feel good, because we all deserve it! 

We know that having scent-filled moments throughout your day can really lift your spirits. It’s a treat for your senses. And so too is cooking, along with the knowledge that you’re doing something that’s good for you – creating and sharing food that nourishes your body and soul. 

Ashley & Co. products are one of the rewards of the Fresh Start 6 Week Reset

What is your outlook on healthy eating and wellbeing?

It’s essential to strike a balance between simple, healthy, satisfying and tasty food. I try and focus on easy weeknight meals that sustain our busy family – and to use mealtimes to gather around the table, catch up and unwind. A plan that takes the pressure off shopping and cooking is definitely a help in making dinner a more relaxing time of the day! Other than that, I try not to sweat the small stuff – and am a big believer in a piece of chocolate after dinner! 

What would be your advice for foodies who are doing the 6 Week Reset?

Always leave enough time in your busy day to do something that makes you happy, satisfied, and joyous! Since Fresh Start really takes the pressure off around mealtimes, reducing planning, preparation – and the dishes are guaranteed to be both nutritious and delicious – this frees up a bit of time to enjoy the late afternoons and what daylight savings has to offer. It might be something very simple, but take the time – for you.

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