Sticky Beef & Mushroom Stir-Fry with Good Chow Soy Dipping Sauce


If you have an insatiable appetite but less than half an hour to whip something up, you’re in the right place.

When you get home and cooking dinner is the last thing on your mind, look to the delectable Good Chow Soy Dipping Sauce for inspiration. It’s a perfect match for your dumplings, your sushi, or your salads but we love it best in a speedy stir-fry, that’s packed with veggies (use whatever you have leftover in your fridge) and garnished with a smattering of toasty sesame seeds and fresh spring onions. The soy base is comfortingly familiar and the subtle sweet note will tie your dish together in an instant.

Here, we use a dash of Good Chow’s Soy Dipping Sauce (available in the My Food Bag Kitchen) to make a seemingly simple stir-fry a thing of beauty. If you’re not feeling the beef, swap it out for any protein of your choice. Some crispy tofu, a sunny-side-up egg or chicken strips will all work well here.

Serves 4
Ready in 15 mins


200g brown mushrooms, cut into quarters

1/2 cauliflower, cut into small florets

2 carrots, cut in half & thinly sliced

1/4 cabbage, sliced until you have 2 cups worth

1 drizzle of oil

600g beef stir-fry

1 drizzle of oil


2 cloves garlic, minced

1 Tbsp ginger, minced

3 Tbsp Good Chow Soy Dipping Sauce

1 tsp cornflour


2 packs pre-cooked brown rice

To Serve

2 spring onions, thinly sliced

1 Tbsp sesame seeds

  1. Prep stir-fry
    Cut mushrooms into quarters, cut cauliflower into florets and slice carrots and cabbage.
  2. Start stir-fry
    Heat oil in a large fry-pan on high heat. Stir-fry mushrooms, cauliflower, carrots and cabbage for about 6 minutes, until tender. Set veggies aside and reserve pan.
  3. Cook beef
    Pat beef dry and season with salt. When veggies are cooked, add oil to reserved pan and return to high heat. Cook beef for 3-4 minutes, until cooked through.
  4. Meanwhile, heat rice
    Squeeze rice in packs to separate grains. Tear tops and microwave in packs for 3 minutes.
  5. Prep sauce
    Mince garlic and ginger and combine in a small bowl with Good Chow Soy Dipping Sauce and cornflour.
  6. Finish stir-fry
    Add veggies back to pan, along with sauce. Cook a further 1 minute, until sauce is hot and has reduced slightly.
  7. To finish
    Slice spring onion.
  8. Serve
    Rice topped with stir-fry, spring onion and sesame seeds.
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