Our chefs’ fave kitchen essentials

Everyone has that one tool that’s their go-to in the kitchen. Here, the My Food Bag chefs share which kitchen essentials they can’t do without.

kitchen essentials

Jessie ‘Juneberry’ – Mini Whisk

“Whether it’s scrambling eggs or whipping up a small amount of cream, my mini whisk is my favourite tool in my kitchen drawer. It’s so handy and fits into small bowls when you just don’t have the need for a big whisk!”

Danny ‘Doughnut’ – Microplane

“The microplane grater is my favourite tool in the kitchen. It shaves much more finely and consistently, especially when I grate garlic and cheese which are my favourite ingredients for pasta.”

Amelia ‘Amaretti’ – Rubber Spatula

“I love baking and cooking with a rubber spatula. It is super handy for scraping every last bit of batter out of bowls, or scraping the sides of a pan while you cook.”

Polly ‘Pomegranate’ – Chef’s Knife

“Every recipe needs some chopping, and a good quality knife is key to this. Get it sharpened professionally regularly to make sure it is super sharp all the time. Make sure you wash and dry it straight after using and don’t put it in the dishwasher! I love salads, salsas and veggies so for me, being able to cut them quickly and easily is so important!”

Amber ‘Agria’ – Mandolin

“I LOVE my mandolin. It saves me so much time and slices to perfection, be it courgette zoodles for a delicious fresh salad or potatoes sliced so thinly you can almost see through them which is perfect for one of my fave dishes (and house staple) creamy potato bake! But beware! Always use the guard so you don’t lose any fingers!”

Whitney ‘Watermelon’ – Tea Towel

“As a chef you always have a dry tea towel on your hip (and a few stashed away for when that one gets wet). Ideal for wiping down surfaces, picking up hot items, peeling hazelnuts, smothering small fires, the options are endless!”

Ella ‘Katsu’ – Wooden Spoon

“I have a favourite wooden spoon that is perfect for everything! I use it to softy scramble eggs, mix bubbling bolognese and whip together baking! I wash it by hand, so it doesn’t get ruined in the dishwasher – I’d be lost without it.”

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