8 reasons why you need a cast iron skillet in your kitchen

As one of the rewards as part of our new Foodie Club, you can get your hands on an amazing Lodge Cast Iron skillet! If you’re not sure what make these pans a must-have in the kitchen, here are some of the reasons why every chef will love owning a cast iron pan.

cast iron skillet

Reason #1: It’s better for the environment

No one wants a pan that ends up in landfill after only a year or so. Environmentally, Lodge Cast Iron is a great investment as with a little bit of care you will have it forever. In fact, along with all your favourite recipes you could end up passing it on to future generations!

Reason #2: It’s free of nasty chemicals

Lodge Cast Iron comes 100% naturally seasoned with no nasty chemicals. The oil is baked on during the manufacturing process, giving a lovely black patina to the pan that you can start cooking with straight out of the box.

Reason #3: It gets better with age

The more you use it, the better it gets and the better the seasoning becomes. Seasoning is the layer of oil that coats your Lodge Cast Iron pan. All Lodge Cast Iron comes ready seasoned, but as you cook with it and use oil on your skillet, the surface just gets better and better… naturally.

Reason #4: It can be used on different heat sources

Lodge works on every heat source imaginable. Tough enough to put over hot coals, great on induction and glass cooktops, and can be put into a high heat oven or barbeque.

Reason #5: It’s low-maintenance

Easy to care for – after each use, and before the pan has totally cooled, just scrub the pan, dry it thoroughly, thinly coat in oil with a paper towel and pop it away. Easy. (You can use a little soap if you like, but you don’t need to).

Reason #6: It can be restored

If you neglect your pan and it becomes a little worse for wear, don’t panic, you can start again. Head to lodgecastiron.co.nz/blogs/use-care to find out how to restore your pan back to new again.

Reason #7: It’s versatile

Lodge Cast Iron isn’t just for steak, keep the skillet cooler for eggs and pancakes, use it to cook your sauces or do delicious crispy roast potatoes. It even makes a fantastic pie or cake! Cast iron is so versatile, and you’ll find the even heat distribution and retention outstanding.

Reason #8: It’s tough as

Use any utensils you like! Lodge won’t scratch or mark, go ahead and use whatever you like to turn, scrape and stir.

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