My Local Kitchen: Nana’s Roast Lamb & Yorkshire Pud with Jessie ‘Juneberry’

My Food Bag’s Jessie ‘Juneberry’ shares the memories behind her My Local Kitchen recipe for her Nana’s roast lamb dinner.

roast lamb

For My Food Bag chef Jessie ‘Juneberry’, Sunday night roast dinners at her grandparents’ house is one of her fondest food memories.

Growing up in Tauranga, Jessie lived a short 500m away from their house and would often head over to raid the cupboards and cook up a storm with her Nana, Linda.

“Nana instilled in me my love of baking and taught me many of the skills I use in the kitchen today. Now the tables have turned to where I have been able to teach her a thing or two!”

As part of our My Local Kitchen recipe series in My Choice, Jessie took a trip down nostalgia lane to share the recipe for Nana’s Roast Lamb with Yorkshire Pud & Mint Sauce.

Succulent New Zealand lamb, peas, and roast potatoes – a classic Kiwi roast dinner – are paired with Yorkshire pudding. Just like Nana used to make!

“Nana is English but has lived in New Zealand most of her life, so her food tends to cross over a lot with the English style, as many Kiwi foods do.”

“This meal is a great combination of how the English pub dinner meets a great Kiwi Sunday roast.”

One of the unique elements of this recipe is Jessie’s Nana’s special take on the Yorkshire pudding, which you’ll notice is a giant pud instead of little ones.

“We’ve perfected the Yorkshire pudding and made it super easy by doing one big one, just like Nana’s mum used to do, rather than having to faff around with muffin tins.”

Meet the Chef

Jessie ‘Juneberry’

When she’s not being referred to as Juneberry, she’s also known as our dessert Queen or resident sweet tooth. Her favourite part of her role comes as no surprise with “being in charge of dessert! I have the biggest sweet tooth so am always finding ways to get in the kitchen and whip up a sweet treat.” However, Jessie’s favourite New Zealand produce reveals her true millennial colours by choosing avocado, especially when it’s smashed on a bagel – the perfect start to the weekend!

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