DIY Easter Bunting

Get crafty this Easter with some fun crafts to keep the little ones busy over the long weekend! This DIY Easter Bunting is a fun, creative and crafty way to decorate your space. It’s also great for kids to create and decorate their rooms any time of the year. Let the creative juices flow!


What you’ll need:

Cardboard (you can use your old delivery box)
Pen / pencil
Craft knife / scissors
Any decorations (paint, colouring in pencils, stickers, glitter etc.)

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How to make bunting:

  1. Using a ruler, draw a triangle shape onto the cardboard and cut it out.
  2. Use this triangle as a stencil and draw as many triangles as you want onto the cardboard.
  3. Cut out all of the triangles and paint, colour in or decorate as you like.
  4. Use scissors or a hole punch to put a hole in the top two corners of each triangle.
  5. Thread through the string as shown in the picture above and hang bunting up for decoration.

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