8 Week Challenge – why we love before & after photos

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We highly recommend taking ‘before’ pictures when you start Fresh Start’s 8 Week Challenge.

No one else ever has to see them, but you’ll appreciate having something to look back on in the coming weeks. While the weight scale may change, often the biggest and most impressive changes show clearly in before and after pictures.

You’re best to take these photos in fitting clothes, or in your underwear. Getting someone else to take the pics is great, but a full-length mirror can also work if you’d rather do it alone or you could use the self-timer setting on your phone. Take front, side and back shots, and stick to the same outfit, camera angle and distance from the camera in the before and after shot.

There are a few other things we recommend doing before embarking on an 8 Week Challenge:

  • Write some notes to yourself. Jot down on paper how you’re feeling, both physically and mentally, what head space you are in.
  • We also recommend writing at least three days worth of a food & exercise log (daily log of food eaten & exercise completed) or diary (a food log, as well a short note for reasons you ate XYZ, & exercise log with notes on how you felt during the workout) for a reference point to look back on as you go. If you find it a useful tool, keep it going! Food diaries have shown to help adherence, and show patterns or behaviours around eating.

Another thing to do, especially if your goals are particularly health related, is to book in for a GP check-up. This might be to check blood pressure and blood biomarkers among other things, which can provide great insight (and often motivation) when you see your GP for a follow up check up after the 8 weeks.

You wouldn’t believe some of the incredible transformations we’ve seen on Fresh Start and we can’t wait for yours to be one of them.

P.S – if you’re inspired by the before and after pics in the image above, check out Erin’s story here!

Meet the Nutritionist

Emma ‘Edamame’

Our in-house nutritionist Emma ‘Edamame’ was born and bred in mid Canterbury and has the health and wellbeing of Kiwis in mind at all times. As an NZ registered nutritionist (NZ Nutrition Society) with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Auckland, she makes sure we’re all getting our fresh dose of local veggies and our meals are full of nutritious substance – thanks for having our back Em (and our waistlines!). When it comes to New Zealand produce, Emma is a whizz, with fresh berries being her absolute fave. Intrigued to know what food this nutritionist couldn’t live without? Fresh fish and seafood, delivering on both flavour and nourishment. As well as ice cream, especially real fruit ice creams, in the summer time! Life’s all about a tasty balance, right?

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