What Kate’s Loving

Find out what our nutritionist Kate has been loving this summer, including a new podcast to listen to, a fruity gardening hack and her fave sunscreen!



Too many red flesh plums and nectarines. Also counting down the days for golden peach season to start on my granny’s tree!


The Food Medic with Dr. Hazel Wallace. I’ve been especially loving the episodes recently focusing on female athletes, and how your menstrual cycle relates to your exercise.


Still trying to keep my house plants alive! Soaking a banana skin in water overnight and then using the banana water to feed your plants, keeps them very healthy and works as a DIY fertiliser (found this out all thanks to a very green-fingered flat mate). I also use a leftover spritzer bottle to mist my plants rather than drowning them in said water. So far so good!


Nothing better than being in and out of the ocean most of the day and settling in with a good book on holiday. I recently read Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton and absolutely loved it!


SPF all day every day! I am loving the La Roche Posay range, especially after having a lot of beach time this summer – meaning lots of reapplying. 

Meet the Expert

Kate ‘Peach’

Kate is one of our Fresh Start Experts, who grew up in sunny Tauranga; home to the infamous Mount Maunganui and great surf. She has a bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Auckland, so she’s more than qualified to be dishing out tips and tricks for health. Kate’s favourite food is avocados (especially when combined with peanut butter and hot sauce) as well as big golden peaches grown on her granny’s tree (hence her foodie name!). Kate loves working at My Food Bag surrounded by others who are just as excited about all things food as she is!

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