Healthier Snacks with Amber & Emma

Snacks are often the hardest thing to figure out when trying to eat healthier! There’s all kinds of temptation out there, from the work cookie jar to just grabbing something less healthy when we’re rushed. Today Fresh Start nutritionist Emma and chef Amber have some examples of the best packaged snacks to have on hand, because we know sometimes home-made isn’t always convenient!

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Homemade options for when you have time:

Our fave hummus recipes

Check out our fave basic recipe that you can add any flavours or toppings you like to, or see some of our favourite flavoured recipes too. They’re all delish and the perfect healthy snack!

Get the recipes here

Pea Parmesan Dip

Ideal for those that love dip, but would don’t love hummus!

Get the recipe here

Coco-Cacao Bliss Balls

These tasty treats are perfect to fill the gap between meals, an energy booster on your next adventure or just when you are feeling like something wholesome and sweet!

Get the recipe here

Muesli Bites

No-cook muesli bites packed with goodness that make the most of pantry staples!

Get the recipe here

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