Creating Culley’s

Their sauces, spices and rubs are a delicious addition to My Food Bag’s recipes. Learn more about this proudly Kiwi company making waves at home and abroad.

Named after the owner and founder, Chris Cullen (also known to the foodie team as Culley), Culley’s has become a playful nickname that has taken the world of hot sauce by storm.

This down-to-earth Kiwi brand has been busy crafting, tasting and bottling to wow taste buds around the globe. It didn’t take long before this small New Zealand company grew its stems and became a household pantry essential.

Fuelled by Culley’s mouth-watering passion for all things spicy, fresh and flavoursome, it was the start of something special. Paired with over a decade of experience working as a chef in New Zealand and Australia, Culley set out on a personal quest, with his taste buds leading the way for the finest produce and most exotic flavours.

With this experience under his tongue, he set out crafting a range of multi-award-winning New Zealand sauces.

Culley’s owner and founder Chris Cullen

Culley’s have built their brand from the ground up and are better known as ‘The Foodie’s Choice’. Their delicious range is celebrated in numerous countries around the world as they continue to change the hot sauce game.

Culley’s passion for hot sauce turned into a delicious addiction, which has allowed him to explore and craft a very special, signature product. He explains: “I wanted to create a variety of sauces that were not only hot, but also flavoursome and something extraordinary.”

Using only the freshest and finest ingredients, Culley’s condiments have the ability to transform and lift any meal. Here at My Food Bag, we love the deliciously versatile range and always have Culley’s in mind for added flavour boosters. Spike some sour cream with a drizzle of their famous Chipotle Sauce, glaze a leg of ham in their Christmas Pineapple Ghost Chilli Sauce to wow your guests’ socks off, or douse your dish in their No.6 Sriracha Hot Sauce to add a touch of Asian heat.

At Culley’s headquarters, you’ll find a purpose-built in-house test kitchen where all of the hot magic happens. As you could imagine, only the highest level of innovation and new product development occurs here.

Some of Culley’s staple products

We’ve been lucky enough to have Culley’s handcrafted sauces and rubs to complement various My Food Bag dishes. Our clever chefs in the Development Kitchen create an idea and Culley’s make their tasty vision come to life.

Culley’s have crafted the popular Chipotle Crema for our foodies, creating a delicate mix of delicious smoky chipotle accompanied by rich, creamy garlic aioli. Their Tomatillo Sauce has also been a hit with our foodies, specifically crafted to accompany a range of Mexican recipes in our bags. This brings a taste of Mexico to any dish; fresh, clean and packed full of spice!

Another foodies favourite they’ve brought to life sees everything you love about BBQ and Japanese food rolled into one epic sauce – the Huli Huli Sauce. Think BBQ style teriyaki…heaven!

Culley’s are constantly listening to their foodies and giving them what they really want. Their range is gluten free and they’re currently in the process of moving their range to be 100% refined sugar free. How about that!

We can’t wait for our foodies to continue indulging in the fire that Culley’s brings to the table. You can guarantee you’ll be tasting loads more of their collection through our range of Food Bags!

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