Meet Anne, who lost 22kg in one year with Fresh Start

Meet Anne, a Fresh Start customer who lost 22kg in one year with Fresh Start! Here’s her journey in her own words:

I started Fresh Start back in September 2019.  Over the last thirty years, two children and a busy office job, I had been slowly putting on weight to reach 72kg for a 162 height at age 52.  It seemed that there was always morning teas, birthday cakes,  lunches leftovers from meetings, and opportunities to over eat on a daily basis in my office. I had also a very busy job and ended up being exhausted and very sedentary in the evenings and the weekends. Before I started Fresh Start, I started to feel mentally and physically very unhealthy. My husband and I were using My Food Bag vegetarian meals but having read fantastic reviews about Fresh Start  I decided to give it a try despite being a bit scared at first that I would not be able to cope!!

The biggest challenge was to resist temptations outside Fresh Start. However I registered my calories on the app, ordered Fresh Start for 4 for my husband and I so I could also have Fresh Start for lunch. I started as recommended by Fresh Start with a very strict 1200 calories per day logging all my food intake week days and week ends.

I started to lose some weight slowly probably around 500g/1kg a week. As I lost weight I began to feel more energetic. In December I bought myself a Fitbit and decided that I had to walk at least 10,000 steps a day.

I have now lost 22kg and weigh 50kgs. I am now running 40 minutes a day ( I had not run for years) or walking and will do at least 10,000 steps a day. I eat normally but have kept breakfast ‘Fresh Start’, bring My Food Bag leftovers for lunch and eat My Food Bag Classic Bag for dinners, avoiding too many sauces and not eating any of the snacks available at work.

Fresh Start has taught me about healthy foods and healthy habits, I never felt hungry and it has given me the motivation to exercise and lead a much healthier life.

My favourite Fresh Start meals were the fish dishes as there was so much tasty and beautiful fish.

My recommendation to somebody starting their Fresh Start journey would be to be very disciplined about calorie logging, to take the guess work out by following the Fresh Start blogs for lunch or breakfast recipes and to be BRAVE.

I think it takes an incredible amount of courage to start the journey and admit that something needs to change but the rewards are amazing. 

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