My Global Kitchen: Q&A with Madam Woo Founder Fleur Caulton

Fleur Caulton, founder of Malaysian restaurant Madam Woo, shares why Malaysian cuisine inspires her and what foodies can expect from their My Global Kitchen recipe.

Madam Woo Founder Fleur Caulton

What’s the story behind Madam Woo?
There was a long time love of Asian cuisines and Josh Emett and I where very keen to bring to Queenstown a modern, fun version of traditional Malaysian cuisine. Malaysian was an easy choice due to the huge diversity in the cuisine that has delicious flavours.

We also love the flexibility of the cuisine which caters easily to vegetarians, gluten free and vegan diets. Our philosophy has always been amazing dining experiences with consistency and quality. We live by our values of “generous, genuine, skilful and adventurous”.

What flavours are prominent in Malaysian cuisine?
Malaysian cuisine is unique and hugely popular worldwide due to its diversity, taking inspiration from the many cultures that have settled in Malaysia.  The influences come from Chinese, Indian, Thai, Filipino, Portuguese and then of course the traditional Malay, so incredibly diverse origins of flavours and produce. 

Madam Woo’s Beef Rendang with Asian Greens

What was the inspiration behind your dish for My Global Kitchen?
Beef rendang is a very traditional popular dish in Malaysia and is often served during ceremonies and to honoured guests and this is our delicious version prepared and cooked in the traditional way.

What ingredients can foodies expect to experience?
Melt-in-the-mouth slow cooked beef in a dry aromatic curry of coconut, lemongrass, turmeric and chilli. The spices and flavours complement the meat and assist in ensuring it is tender and moist.

What tips do you have for foodies when cooking the beef rendang?
There is no doubt low and slow will give best results and ensure the meat is juicy and tender.

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