Meet Wendy, who lost 19kg in one year with Fresh Start

Tell us a little bit about your Fresh Start journey so far and why you decided to make a change?

I knew that I had been putting on weight since the birth of my second child but just kept putting off doing anything about it.  Unfortunately this meant it kept creeping up.  I went to the doctor last year for an unrelated issue and they wanted to weigh me to update their records.  I was horrified by the result and decided it was time to do something.  I had heard about Fresh Start and loved the fact that all of the ingredients were supplied and also the portion control was there – this was always a big issue for me.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve come across while losing weight and keeping it off?

The biggest challenge has probably been the weekends.  As a family we like to bbq a lot so it was just about being careful with my portions and also sticking the green salads and vegetables rather something like potato or pasta salad.  The Covid-19 level 4 lockdown was also a challenge as being out of my normal work routine meant more temptation to snack.

What’s been your favourite Fresh Start meal?

I loved the Curried Prawn Laksa with Vermicelli a few weeks ago but to be honest during this whole time there’s only a been a couple of meals that haven’t taken my fancy.  There is always so much flavour in all of the meals it’s hard not to love them all.

What has your exercise regime been like? What’s worked for you and what hasn’t?

I don’t have an exercise regime.  I’ve never been keen on going to the gym.  I do have a dog that I walk when time permits and during the level 4 Covid-19 lockdown I walked the dog every day for an hour.

Any tips for someone just starting out on their weight loss journey?

I think the main thing is to not fixate on the numbers too much.  I made sure I only weighed myself every two weeks on a Friday.  It became part of my routine.  By doing this I could see the results which then kept me motivated to keep going.  I also found that by adding the Fresh Start Lunch to my deliveries it stopped the temptation to buy lunches and helped me lose even more weight.

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