Highgrounds Farm

Highgrounds Farm is situated in the Downlands, South Canterbury

Highgrounds is a family run 216ha sheep, beef and free range pork farm situated in the Downlands, South Canterbury.

John and Cheryl Cottle, along with their son Hamish, are passionate about sustainable farming and believe the introduction of free range sows in 2011 has given them the balance that has truly complemented their operation.

Sows are run in small social groups until they are nearly ready to farrow, when they are moved into smaller individual farrowing paddocks with a round farrowing house. These unique houses have been carefully designed with both sow and piglet welfare in mind. The sow is able to come and go from the house as she pleases and the piglets have a warm and comfortable internal space to stay well protected.

All the pigs on Highgrounds are true free range and farmed to the highest ethical standard.  None of the pigs have nose rings so are able to display their natural behaviours in open fields with plenty of grass and free access to shelter and water where they can create wallows to keep cool in on hot summer days.

John and Cheryl Cottle
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