Kissed by bees

When walking into Beekist® you’re automatically blown away by the magnitude of colour, sights and smells. Tall, green, leafy vines competitively slither upwards towards the sun-drenched ceiling. Dangling from the vines are the sweet little gems we know as vine tomatoes. In varieties of red, yellow, orange and brown, these colourful tomatoes come with a backstory like no other. Here at Beekist®, they have perfectly created the most flavoursome tomatoes – with a little help from their friends. 

See, to create perfect tomatoes each time round, it’s a little more difficult than imagined. Beekist® have absolutely nailed every last fuzzy detail and have a growing philosophy like no other. 

Beekist® is home to lots of happy workers, in the form of friendly and hard-working bumblebees! Every single day, their bees fly freely, buzzing high and low throughout the various tomato vine varieties. These cute little workers gently visit every single vine to ensure pollination, just the way nature intended it to be. 

The bees get a real buzz doing what they do best and work together with their human friends to finish off the finer details. After the bumblebees have clocked off for the day, Beekist’s® other happy workers tend, nurture and carefully observe each tomato. There’s no impressive machine or technology that can decide once a tomato is ready for picking. This knowledge comes with good old-fashioned expertise, painstaking patience, and an experienced eye. The bees and tomatoes get to do their own thing with minimal interference but have round-the-clock care to support their growth. 

Every single day, bees fly freely, buzzing high and low throughout the various tomato vine varieties.

When the time comes, every single tomato is hand-picked with love and carefully packed to maintain their full, sweet flavour that’s fresh from the vine. This means foodies get to taste these flavoursome morsels just hours after being picked – you can’t get fresher than that! Beekist’s® natural growing and hand-harvested process ensure foodies are getting nothing but the best, every time round. 

Beekist® have a large variety of tomatoes in various shapes, sizes, colours and flavours. Sweet, tangy, subtle or savoury, their taste sensations will no doubt have you satisfied. They are perfect with any dish and work for any time of the day. Eat them whole just as they are for a healthy snack, oven roast them for a weekend brunch dish or toss them through any salad for a sweet, refreshing taste. 

We love everything Beekist® embodies – all-natural, locally sprouted, free from preservatives, full of bursting flavour and 100% made with love. 

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