Springvale Station

Run by Farm Manager Keith Lascelles who has worked at Springvale for 20 years

Located in inland Patea, this farm is in the central high-country district. The land ranges from 600 metres to 1,015 metres above sea level, and one-third of the 3,000 hectares is steep tractor country.

Farm Manager Keith Lascelles started farming in Hawkes Bay on a farm cadet scheme and worked around the country on sheep and beef farms and stations. Keith explains “we’re high country, with a different weather pattern, and conditions can change very quickly. You need to be prepared and alert to the weather at all times. It’s rewarding for me to do a good job under these conditions.”

Springvale’s future focus is on the utilisation of sustainable feed in the local climate that follows environmental regulations. Keep up the incredible work team!

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