5 Tips for cooking perfect lamb racks

Don’t be sheepish when it comes to cooking tender, juicy lamb racks. Our Gourmet Chef Amber ‘Agria’ shares her top tips for preparing this succulent cut to perfection.

Lamb racks

It’s one of the tenderest, tastiest cuts of lamb around, but it may seem like a daunting task to cook lamb racks. The good news is you don’t need to be a culinary whizz to prepare them to perfection. Simply follow these five tips from our Gourmet chef Amber ‘Agria’ so you can cook with confidence.

Tip #1: Pan first, oven second
Lamb rack is best when it’s first seared in a pan, then finished in the oven, which gives you lots of control over your cooking temperatures. Cooking it this way will give you a nice caramelisation on the surface and juicy tender pink meat within.

Tip #2: Spice, spice baby
Don’t be shy when it comes to seasoning your meat. Always season your lamb with plenty of salt and pepper before your start to cook it to bring out its wonderful flavour.

Tip #3: Trimmed, s’il vous plaît
If you’re planning to cook our lamb rack recipe again in the future (it’s so good, we know you will!), it pays to know what to look for. Generally, your butcher will offer to prepare your lamb rack for you, but if not, ask for your lamb to be ‘French trimmed’.

This means the meat and sinew around the bones are removed and the bones are scraped clean – it’s a tricky process but important, as any bits of meat or fat on the bone will burn during cooking, leaving you with black marks instead of the clean, white bones synonymous with rack of lamb.

Tip #4: FIY – French-it-yourself
Feeling confident? Have a go at Frenching your lamb rack yourself. Check out our cool video below for a quick easy way to French the bones – you’ll be a pro in no time!

How to French a lamb rack

Tip #5: Give it a rest
Your lamb rack, that is. Resting your lamb is essential. The general rule is to rest it for half the amount of cook time. Remember, the meat will carry on cooking slightly as it rests so be sure to remove it from the oven a bit before it’s done.

Meet the Chef

Amber ‘Agria’

Amber ‘Agria’ is the brain and taste buds behind our Gourmet and Fresh Start Bags! Her favourite part of the role? Creating the recipes and eating them, of course! When it comes to local, New Zealand produce, Amber sure is a pro. Her favourite has to be asparagus, so she’s especially happy when asparagus season rolls around.

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