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Lena lost 25kg with Fresh Start!

We all know there’s *a lot* of weight loss advice on the internet, it can be really hard to figure out what’s actually true, what actually matters, and where our time should be invested.

There is a tendency to regard a healthy lifestyle as an entire overhaul — a need to ‘jump in the deep end’ or launch in with an ‘all or nothing’ mentality. ‘I’ll start Monday’ can fill Monday with dread, when instead, small adjustments towards a better balance is what actually matters for weight loss. A handful of small changes that we can realistically and relatively easily adhere too, can bring big benefits for our health and wellbeing.

If we focus on adding one small and positive change each day or week, and repeating that action every day or week thereafter, the cumulative effect is a healthy habit, and the results will be rewarding, and the input will feel effortless. This is why weight loss is strongly associated with healthy habits, as weight loss requires a long-term commitment or adherence to making healthier changes.

Here’s what actually matters for weight loss, and some healthy habits we recommend implementing:

  1. Identify your weak spots when it comes to your diet and fix using the power of preparation
    • We know one of the biggest hacks to eating healthy is being prepared. Heading to work with a nutritious lunch and snacks that you’re looking forward to eating not only is satisfying, but also reduces our spending and our time spent trying to find something healthy, and the temptation for buying some of the less nutritious options.
    • How this could look:
      • Making your own lunch for 4 out of the 5 weekdays
      • Organising healthy snacks for each day of the week
      • Cooking breakfast 3 times a week e.g. omelette or poached eggs
      • Setting aside 1 hour each Sunday evening to prep some ingredients for the week’s lunches or snacks
      • Simply order Fresh Start and all the healthy eating guess work is done for you!
      • There are endless recipes on this blog, or check out our Fresh Start cookbook for even more ideas. 
  1. Increase your step count
    • Physical activity is essential for everyone, and one of the easiest ways to get more movement in your day is simply to walk more.
    • How this could look:
      • Take the stairs every time the opportunity presents itself
      • Park a little further away and add a small walk on to your daily commute
      • Keep walking shoes at work and try get out for a 20-minute brisk walk at lunch time
      • Catch up with friends over a walk rather than a coffee
  1. Getting adequate sleep is essential for achieving weight loss goals.
    • Ever noticed that you’re ravenously hungry after a bad night’s sleep? Poor sleep affects our hunger hormones, as tired bodies are constantly searching for more energy to keep them going, so our body looks to food to supplement this. Sleep is a big topic, so check out our blog here for more detail on why sleep is so important, and how it affects hunger hormones. 
    • Our best tips on getting a good night’s sleep:
      • Try to turn off your technology at least 1 hour before bed
      • Have dinner at least 2 hours before bed to aid digestion
      • Try to reduce your coffee intake, swap one out for decaf or herbal tea

Remember, it’s adherence that matters at the end of the day and finding something that you can happily stick to long term. That’s why Fresh Start promotes healthy eating that’s sustainable and delicious, rather than crash diets!


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  1. Tracey says:

    I’d love some ideas for breakfast. I’m used to eating toast but want to keep the low carb at all meals. I’m not a fan of eggs/Omletes for breakfast – the thought makes me nauseous. What would you recommend ?

    1. My Food Bag Author says:

      Hi Tracey! We’d love to help! Chia puddings can be a great lower carb option for breakfast, mixing chia seeds, the milk of your choice and a dash of maple or honey (optional). Smoothies are a great option also, with spinach, blueberries, frozen banana or courgette, milk and if desired, protein powder is a really easy and tasty recipe, or check out some other recipes here- . Alternatively opting for simply one slice of a toast like vogels very thin topped with a nut butter like peanut or almond makes for quite a low carb option. Hope that helps! Emma Edamame (nutritionist)

  2. Karine says:

    I usually don’t eat in the morning as I am not a morning eater. I drink my coffee with a drop of cream and nothing before lunch time. I am used to this routine of two meals a day and one snack. Do I need to adjust my life-time habit to lose weight with Fresh Start? thanks

    1. Liesl_Liquorice says:

      Hi Karine! If you swap out your dinner with the Fresh Start meal kit recipes, this will already make a difference as the recipes are all 450 calories or less. We do recommend starting the day on a healthy note, even if it’s just with a yummy nutritious smoothie, however you don’t need to forgo your daily cup of coffee if it’s something you enjoy (because that’s important, too!). We recommend checking out this blog post for some more tips/info about making coffee part of a healthier lifestyle: Hope this helps! – Liesl ‘Liquorice’

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