How MADE works for a retired GP


“MADE has made our lunch and dinner experience much more relaxed and enjoyable”.

Neville is a retired GP, who studied at Oxford University. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has lived in England and now New Zealand for many years. Today, Neville lives in One Tree Point together with his wife Sharon.

Owning a house with a garden, going for regular sailing trips with his yacht Doumar and golfing makes life pretty busy and leaves little time for cooking, which is why they initially decided to try MADE. In the past, they had watched MasterChef New Zealand and had seen Nadia competing. As soon as they heard that Nadia Lim was offering ready-made meals, they tried to place an order. Once the service arrived in their area in Ruakaka they have been getting MADE. It has made their lunch and dinner experience much more relaxed and enjoyable. They were both positively surprised how tasty and filling the meals were, and they have already recommended MADE to several neighbours.

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