How MADE Works for a New Mum and her Family


“Eating healthy makes you feel better with more energy to do what is needed as a mum when lacking sleep”.

Kristina is from Auckland, before she became a mum, she worked as a legal executive in a law firm. She decided to try out MADE because she was expecting triplets. Knowing that life would become busier, her husband and herself were looking for quick and healthy meals, ready to go for Kristina when the new mum would be too busy to cook. Planning ahead, she also wanted to have the ready made meals at home to take some pressure off her husband, while she was in hospital and he would be busy working.

What they particularly loved about MADE was that it helped them save time. Kristina explained that eating healthy makes them feel better with more energy to do what is needed when lacking sleep because the little ones kept them up in the night. She also found it very handy that the meals can be frozen up to three months and used whenever they needed them. Having the flexibility of some back up meals in the freezer suits their busy life as new parents. Another aspect that Kristina loved about MADE was that she was positively surprised of how many meals there were to choose from.

When we asked the new mum who she would recommend MADE to, she said that she would generally recommend it to anyone because the ready made meals are so convenient and that she had already recommended it to her nanny.

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