What is ‘Nude Food’?

At My Food Bag and Fresh Start, we believe in ‘Nude Food’, which is not a diet, but rather a philosophy.

In a nut shell, Nude Food is really about eating more food that comes from the ground, sea and sky, and less from the factories . Eat more real (unprocessed) food, and less highly processed stuff!

For many years Nadia worked as a clinical dietitian seeing clients who were wanting to lose weight and/or manage their diabetes better. When it comes to ‘what we should eat’, the nutrition advice on the market can be very confusing for a lot of people . There are so many different beliefs, approaches and ‘experts’. Here are a few key things to remember, i.e. the Nude Food approach:

1. When it comes to food and nutrition advice, there’s so much information clutter .

Every time you open a magazine, there’s a new celebrity diet and the aisles are full of food products with different health claims. Don’t get sucked in — it’s all distractions and you’ll end up more confused. Stick to the basics and ignore the fads, hype and marketing.

2. How do you know what foods are the most nutritious? Stick to real food.

That is, natural, minimally processed foods and you’ll be covering all your nutrient bases well. And stay away from (or only have very occasionally) heavily processed food products . Heavy processing of raw ingredients almost always involves loss of its natural nutrients (and unfortunately the addition of unnatural additives to prolong its shelf life!). Fill your plate with loads of fresh vegetables, some lean protein, healthy fats and (minimally processed) carbohydrates. This will ensure you’re getting all the important vitamins, minerals, fibre and energy your body needs.

3. Many of us believe that some ‘expert’ knows better than ourselves when it comes to what and how we should eat (that’s why diet books are bestsellers!).

The truth is, we’re all so genetically varied, that there’s no one diet that fits all. For example some people feel better eating some meat, others have better health when vegetarian; some people feel a lower carb diet suits them, whilst others do better including some carbs. YOU are your best guide; listen to your body and it will tell you what works for you and what doesn’t.

At Fresh Start we stick to the basics of healthy eating that we know work. Without a doubt, cooking your own food from scratch is one of the best ways to live a healthy life, so we give you everything you need to do that!


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