Pilates/Stretch Workout

Welcome To Your Pilates & Stretch Workout!

Take 45 seconds to do each exercise, doing 2 rounds. For bilateral movements round one start with right side, round two switch to left side.

45s, cycle 2 times

CAT & COW | 45s, cycle 2 times

With knees under the hips and hands under your shoulders, inhale to prepare. On your exhale slowly arch your spine as high as you can. Inhale here, then exhale while sinking your spine and pushing your breast bone forward.

SPINAL BRIDGE | 45s, cycle 2 times

Lying on your back with knees bent hip width apart, peel your spine slowly off the ground until you reach a bridge position.

Take a breath in at the top before exhaling back down one vertebra at a time.

To take it up a notch, extend arms overhead all the way to the floor while in bridge position. Leave in place as you lower.

BOOK OPENING | 45s, cycle 2 times

Lying on your side with knees bent and arms stacked, raise your top arm up and over to the other side of your body as far as your flexibility allows without moving your stacked hips. Allow your gaze to follow your moving arm.

Reverse the movement slowly.

AEROPLANE | 45s, cycle 2 times

Standing tall, slowly lift one leg back behind you and bring your arms out to the side to help you balance.

Hover for a breath in before returning back with control.

ROLL UP | 45s, cycle 2 times

Extend your legs, toes pointing up (you can tuck your feet under an anchor, e.g. a couch or weight) with arms out stretched. Roll down backwards slowly keeping the chin slightly tucked.

When the back touches down, take your arms overhead to lay fully down.

Return the movement first by raising the arms, head, neck and then the rest of the spine segmentally until sitting upright again.

Thanks to Jess Quinn for featuring in this workout! Check out her Instagram here.

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