Meet Christina & hear her take on losing 20kg with Fresh Start!

Meet Christina! Christina has had an incredible weight loss transformation with the help of Fresh Start, “I started last year and in that time I’ve lost 20kg. My husband used to live on toast and beer…these days he’s the one cooking up our Fresh Start dinners. A pretty incredible transformation in more than one way!”

Tell us a little bit about your Fresh Start journey so far and why you decided to make a change to your health?

I have always been a yo yo dieter but was never able to stick to anything long term, so achieving my health goals always felt out of reach. A few years ago, someone encouraged me to start with small, sustainable changes rather than trying to adhere to a very extreme diet regime. I started going on daily walks and cutting back slightly on a few things rather than cutting them out of my diet altogether. Around this time Fresh Start was launched and it took all of the stress out of meal planning for me. I’ve loved being a part of Fresh Start because the meals are so filling and delicious — it’s taught me that weight loss doesn’t have to be such hard work!

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve come across while losing weight and keeping it off?

There are so many conflicting opinions and weight loss methods out there — it can be really overwhelming! I try my best to keep it simple and consistent. Progress can be slow at times, but I have not had any success with diet fads or quick fixes. Slow and steady wins the race!

What’s been your favourite Fresh Start meal?

I love all of the Vietnamese noodle salad recipes because they are the perfect combination of textures and flavours! I also love any recipes that include the wasabi aioli which is pure magic.

What has your exercise regime been like? What’s worked for you and what hasn’t?

I used to dread exercise because I always viewed it as punishment. Then I realised that there are a million different ways to get active, so it’s important to just find the thing that you enjoy the most so that you actually want to do it. For me, that’s been boxing. My sessions go by in a flash and it’s so fun that I forget I’m even exercising. I’ve found that exercising regularly has a huge impact on my mental health and ability to cope with stress, so it’s become more about that than weight loss for me.

Any tips for someone just starting out on their weight loss journey?

A healthy weight loss journey is not a linear one, so don’t be discouraged seeing fluctuations in the scale. There will be ups and downs along the way but the important thing to focus on is your overall progress. I also like to celebrate the little victories that aren’t directly related to my weight like feeling more confident in an outfit or having more energy and focus throughout the day.

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