Potato Print Memory Game

This is super easy but fun, and you get a game out of it that kids can play with all day!

What you’ll need:

  • Potatoes
  • Thick paper
  • Paint & paintbrushes
  • Knife (adults only!) and paper clips


How to:

Cut your thick paper into cards approximately the size of playing cards. Cut as many cards as you like, bearing in mind they need to be an even number and that you’ll need a different shaped print or colour for each pair of cards. 

Cut your potato into halves and then carve out your shape outline with the end of the paper clips, then use the rounded part of the paper clip to either dig out the outside part of the shape you’ve made or the shape itself depending on how you want the print to look. 

Repeat this for as many shapes as you want to make. 

To print your cards, simply dip your potato into paint and press into paper

Let dry and your memory game is ready to go!

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