GET MADE: Interview

Today we’re having a chat with one of our lovely customers, April, to see how she’s enjoying it, and how our ready-meals have MADE life that little bit easier. April tells shares how she’d lost her lust for cooking… Never fear! Nadia & MADE to the rescue. Read on to get the full story!

How did you first hear about MADE?
My daughter was already getting a food bag and had ordered some of the MADE meals. She alerted me. I looked at the web site, saw what was offering and the rest is history!

Why did you choose MADE?
Why? Several things. My appetite was poor, and I wasn’t really interested in cooking; I was having a struggle with shopping and also wished to shed some weight. Apart from the general appeal of the MADE meal options, I really like that Nadia is a dietitian and that she chooses meals that make for a balanced diet.

What were your favourite meals?
Above all were the ones with rice and including all the white meats. I tried several I’d never heard of and enjoyed the experience.

How did it fit into your life?
Wonderfully! I needed to restrict some items because of several dietary requirements, but because the ingredients are all listed, and I can see what is in the meals, that is no problem. The shopping problem has been solved too. As for calorie counting, it’s a godsend to have that listed and I’m now on my way to shedding the extra pounds. My lack of appetite has not changed but my routine now is to just pick the first off the fridge shelf, heat and eat. 
A bonus is that I can stop and start whenever I wish!

Did anything surprise you about the meals?
Yes! Certainly. The size! The first meal I heated was enormous. There was no way I could have eaten it all and that has continued to be the case.  I now halve them and that is plenty (I’d started by ordering 9 Meals thinking 7 dinners plus a couple of lunches, but that proved to be  too much so went down to 6). I was not surprised that they were tasty and varied as the comments on the website had said.

Which meals would you like us to put back on the menu?
The ones with rice and white meats suit my diet at the moment but I would definitely repeat the Chipotle Chicken if it returns. If you added things with pasta, I wouldn’t mind at all!

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