Meet Sophie, who lost 20kg after putting on weight after childbirth

Fresh Start foodie Sophie has had incredible success losing 20kg, we’re so impressed by her journey we just had to share it! Sophie shares her advice for losing weight, including why tracking calories works for her, and how she incorporated exercise into her busy mum schedule. 

Sophie lost 20kg with Fresh Start

Tell us a little bit about your Fresh Start journey so far and why you decided to make a change and eventually lose 20kg?

I had been overweight most of my adult life. After the birth of my two children I had put on even more weight and was just feeling quite ‘meh’ about my appearance and lack of confidence. So after many failed attempts of losing weight over the years and hitting an all time low during the COVID-19 I saw an ad for Fresh Start and decided to give that a go. 

In six months with the help of Fresh Start, tracking calories and exercise I have lost 20kg. Fresh start is so convenient, easy and so so tasty. I don’t have to worry about portion control, and the meals scan into My Fitness Pal app for easy calorie tracking. I absolutely love having a delicious hot dinner where I’m not left hungry and then having the leftovers for lunch – just heat and eat!

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve come across while losing weight and keeping it off?

Initially changing habits and making new ones has probably been my biggest challenge. Those little things – like mindlessly picking at kids leftovers, swapping wine for vodka soda, waking up at 5.30am to head to the gym, adding everything into My Fitness Pal to make sure I’m in a calorie deficit, etc. It took probably a good 2-3 months to change those habits but now they are all pretty automatic and I feel so much better for changing them. I feel better for not binging on kids leftovers. I feel clearer drinking vodka sodas, the gym at 5.30am sets me up for a great day, and I no longer need to track calories as I’ve figured out what my body needs, etc. 

What’s been your favourite Fresh Start meal?

All Fresh Start meals are so easy, delicious and have so much variety. But if I had to choose any Asian inspired dishes or curries 👌🏼 Also the naked beef and cheese burgers were delish! (get the recipe here!)

What has your exercise regime been like?  

Around the same time of signing up to Fresh Start I also joined UBX – which is a boxing and strength gym. I workout 4-5 morning a week for about 40 mins before my husband goes to work (he watches the kids). I have really learnt to enjoy this time, smashing out a workout and seeing results in my strength and confidence boost has done wonders mentally. I prioritise this time as it is a perfect way to start my day. I also try to walk up the Mount once a week. 

What’s worked for you and what hasn’t in the journey to losing 20kg?

Being in a calorie deficit has really helped me achieve my goals. Like they say – you can’t out run a bad diet. 80-90% of the time I eat healthy whole foods and lean proteins and watch my portion sizes. It’s also allowed me to still eat what I like. By tracking my calories I can still have my morning coffees, that afternoon drink, Friday fish and chip nights with my family and long lunches out with friends without jeopardising my goals.

Joining a gym has also really worked for me. I love starting the day with a workout, it gets the endorphins going and the strength and fitness I have gained has been a huge added bonus. If I know I have a special occasion coming up I could add in a workout so I could have a few extra drinks or desert. 

Any tips for someone just starting out on their weight loss journey?

Be consistent but make things easy for yourself! I’d start using a app such as My Fitness Pal so you can plan and track all your food and exercise. It’ll help you stay on track with binge/mindless snack eating, portion control, making better food and drink choices, and you’ll be surprised at some of your food choices. You won’t be tracking forever but it’s a great tool to keep you focused. 

If a food box is an option definitely give Fresh Start a go. It takes out all the planning and is so delicious, easy, delivered and portion controlled. Figure out what you can’t or don’t want to give up and work that into your calorie deficit. That way you won’t feel like you’re missing out. 

Start exercising, it really does wonders for your mental health and releasing those endorphins. Even if it’s 10 minute small walks locally, short home workouts or joining a gym it all assists with losing weight and gaining confidence at the end of the day.

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