Organisation & meal prep — the key to mindful eating

Unfortunately, mindless eating comes naturally to all of us, while practicing mindful eating can be a little more effort.

But what if we spent a little time on the weekend mindfully planning out our week of healthy eating, so that each day we could enjoy our snacks and meals with a little more ease.

Most of us don’t plan to fall off the bandwagon of our new, healthy habits. Unfortunately, these decisions tend to be made in the moment, typically for lack of organisation or time.

One of the easiest ways to tackle this pitfall is a little food planning or organisation, or commonly dubbed — meal prep. When you’ve prepped your lunches or snacks ahead of time, you don’t need to make any last-minute decisions — all the hard work is done already.

A beginner’s guide to meal prepping would be to start with lunches. For a lot of us, we’re not at home to be able to whip up a veggie and protein packed dish in the middle of the day, so having a healthy, packed lunch is not only convenient (for lack of a kitchen), but also great for our bank accounts and our waistlines. When you’re in the kitchen cooking your healthy dinner, why not make a little extra and pop it in a container for lunch the next day? It won’t take you any more time on the night, but save you plenty the next day. Our Lite 10 product can be used to have dinner for one person and lunch the next day, or Lite 20 the same for two people.

The next step is to think big picture, for the week ahead. Take some time on a Sunday to look at your calendar and work out which days you’ll need to pack lunch, snacks or even breakfast for. If you’ll be needing a lunch every day, why not make a big pot of veggie-filled and protein packed soup such as our minestrone? Perfect as the days get cooler!

Or do you enjoy a savoury snack at 3pm, and want to avoid reaching for a packet of potato crisps? How about whipping up some hummus or a dip in a Nutribullet, to have with veggie sticks? Here’s our favourite Fresh Start hummus recipe.

One of the easiest breakfasts to have on the run that you can pack full of nutrients and goodness is a smoothie. You can pop all the ingredients in the Nutribullet cup the night before, then simply give it a good blitz and pop on a takeaway lid before you walk out the door the next morning — it’s already in the cup and good to go! There’s heaps of easy, tasty recipes right here.

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