Culleys Refined Sugar Free Chipotle

On your weight loss journey you’ll stumble across sauces and dressings that more often than not will be laden with bad sugars and extra unnecessary ingredients. They may be adding flavour to your meal, but they are also adding unnecessary calories.

Fear not, being on a weight loss journey doesn’t mean you have to eat flavourless meals from now until the end of time. There are deliciously healthier options to add extra taste to your meals, and we’ve got a secret ingredient to help you do just that.

The magic of Culley’s Refined Sugar Free Chipotle Sauce lies in its name — it’s refined sugar free! The masterminds at Culley’s have created this delicious chipotle sauce using date syrup instead of the usual sugary culprits found on ingredients lists.

So, what’s the fuss about date syrup?

It’s a thick, sweet liquid derived from dates, with some even sweeter health benefits. It’s lower in calories than regular sugar, and has been proven to lower blood pressure — you won’t hear anyone saying that about normal table sugar!

Date syrup also contains nutrients and antioxidants, and has antibacterial activity which helps fight bacteria in the body. So not only is this tasty chipotle sauce adding flavour to your cooking, it’s quietly doing your body some favours compared to if you had tucked into a meal flavoured with a sauce full of sucrose.

We love the sauce so much that all our foodies will be receiving a 150ml bottle of Culley’s Refined Sugar Free Chipotle Sauce this weekend (May 7th) so you can keep a full bottle in your fridge!

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