12 weeks of Fresh Start Tips from Nadia

We recommend being on Fresh Start for at least 12 weeks to start seeing results. To support you on your journey, we’ve created a tip for each day in these first 12 weeks.

1. We’ve all heard it before… eat the rainbow every day! Non-starchy veggies? You can never eat enough of them!

2. Aim for two servings of fruit per day to get all those vitamins in without eating too much as it contains sugar as well.

3. Variety is the spice of life. Keep your eating exciting as well as healthy — try at least one new recipe per week.

4. You’ve. Got. To. Chew! Count 20 chews for each bite until you’re used to it.

5. Focus your culinary adventures on cooking methods that don’t require oil (or as much oil). Use your BBQ to add delicious smoky flavor.

6. Needing to bulk up some of your recipes for kids or active family members? Try a baked kumara, some brown rice or a wholegrain bread roll. These are easy to have on hand!

7. Starting out with a new exercise regime? Don’t go crazy and kill yourself in the first week — add new activities and exercises gradually.

8. Try a new form of exercise each month with a friend, you never know what you might like.

9. While natural sugars such as honey are better, they are still not recommended in large quantities. Sweet = a Treat!

10. Mindless eating can stack up the calories. Avoid picking at a few nuts here, a biscuit there — all food should have a purpose of nourishment — so serve that snack on a plate so you know exactly what and how much you are eating as your snack.

11. Confused by labels? Stick to nude food. Food that doesn’t come with fancy packages — but from the land, sea and sky.

12. Eating a good healthy breakfast with some protein, fat and fibre will help sustain you from the start of your day and reduce your appetite throughout the rest of the day.

13. Weekend brunch out? Café breakfast portions are typically HUGE! See if half-size portions are available. And, order something with eggs to avoid anything with too much sugar.

14. Relax. Take a mindful moment — or two! Stress can often lead to bad eating decisions. We schedule meetings, catch-ups and dinner dates — don’t forget to schedule some me-time to chill and keep your stress levels down!

15. Herbs, spices and citrus — flavour-bombs that will provide maximum flavour to meals with minimum calories

16. Always take the stairs. But not the elevator!

17. Avoid all food an hour before you go to bed for a good night’s rest.

18. Got fussy eaters at home? Get them involved in the cooking. If they feel like they’ve helped, they’re more likely to eat.

19. Fill up your plate with vegetables first, THEN add protein and carbs. That’s how we create our meals!

20. Love your chippies? Try homemade kumara or kale chips for a more nutrient-dense snack. Yum!

21. Eating healthy is about being prepared. Use Sunday to create a healthy schedule for the week. Hey, is it Sunday yet? Fresh Start is delivered on Sunday.

22. If you like to weigh yourself, once per week is more than enough — there’s no point in obsessing!

23. Do your exercise first thing in the morning to make sure you always have time to do it.

24. Keep your food portion controlled. Hey, I can help with that! Each of our meals is under 450 calories.

25. Love coffee? Order it black, smaller or with low-fat milk to keep those calories at bay.

26. When you feel yourself overeat, think about why — this may help you identify when you use food for reasons other than nourishment.

27. To keep your body in a relaxed state, breathe deeply through your diaphragm — take 5 minutes each day to lie down concentrate on your breathing.

28. Layout everything you need the night before — your morning routine will be calmer and you’ll have more time.

29. Start winding down an hour before bedtime by dimming the lights, turning off technology — these all provide the right cues to your body. Good night!

30. Struggling for healthy lunches? Check out Fresh Start Lite 20 — the extra portions can be packaged for lunch the next day.

31. Find a hobby! This will keep you focused on positive activity. My hobby? Stamp Collecting!

32. Just like sweets, deep-fried foods are definitely a treat. We all love chippies — just not all the time.

33. If you’re doing exercise, having a snack on hand for afterwards is super important.

34. Raw, natural desserts are still high in calories so enjoy in small amounts. Trendy treats are still treats!

35. Temptation is always around us. Be sure to always have a healthy snack on hand.

36. Find daily rewards that aren’t based on food. Think of food as nourishment instead.

37. Slow down! You cooked, so enjoy your efforts. It’ll also give your brain time to realise you’re full.

38. Walking meetings are a great way to get some steps in at work — and are often more productive!

39. If you’re introducing new foods to your family, be sure to have something they LOVE on their plate to start with.

40. Eat at home as often as you can. Invite friends over, and show off your delicious and healthy cooking skills.

41. Have short-term, medium and long-term goals. Then you’ll always have something to celebrate!

42. Instead of catching up with friends over drinks, catch up over walks. It’s also a great way to show off your active wear.

43. Do you hit snooze? Set your alarm and leave it away from your bed so you have to get up. Spot the alarm clock!

44. Plant foods contain fiber which keeps you satisfied for longer. Make these your go to foods!

45. Take the bus? Get off a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way — a great way to increase your steps.

46. Need a quick, easy breakfast? Smoothies are breakfast in a glass — a good one should contain protein like nuts or seeds.

47. Eating out with friends? Order first so you aren’t influenced by everyone else’s orders. Good tip that one.

48. Choose an exercise you actually enjoy so you stick to it. Boxing? Dancing? Hiking?

49. Still baking for the kids lunches? Freeze it in portions so you’re not tempted.

50. Remind yourself of your goals for the day each morning — this will help you stick to them.

51. The internet can be overwhelming!!! Don’t believe everything you read or watch. Apart from this tip, of course. This is right.

52. When you skip meals, your body often craves more calories later. Baaaaaaad idea.

53. Want even more nutrients in your meals? Sneak vegetables in by grating courgette or carrot.

54. Not hungry first thing? Take a smoothie, bircher muesli or hard boiled eggs with you to work to have a little bit later.

55. Have kids, or nieces and nephews? Get more movement in your day by playing with them. Tag, you’re it!

56. Go outside your comfort zone — try new things, and you may discover something you love to add as a staple to your diet.

57. Enjoy all of the food groups! Learning balanced nutrition is more important that calorie counting when it comes to weight-loss.

58. Need to chat to someone at work? Walk over to them — don’t just email!

59. Best way to get active? Not watching videos on the internet. Have you exercised yet?

60. Food is visual. A beautiful plate and final garnish will make you excited to sit down and enjoy your meal.

61. Eating out with friends? Order first so you aren’t influenced by everyone else’s orders. Good tip that one.

62. For good quality sleep, limit caffeine to one small cup per day before midday.

63. For good sleep during the week, don’t drink alcohol as it’s a stimulant. You won’t feel as energised in the morning.

64. Get friends and family on board! The more people supporting you, the easier your journey will be. Well?

65. Are you thirsty? Often we confuse thirst for hunger. When you feel hungry, have a glass of water first.

66. Sit a lot at work? Set a timer to ensure you get up at least every hour and walk around for a few minutes.

67. Try one new mini-challenge each week like a green smoothie for breakfast. They’re easily achievable and get you closer to your goal.

68. Stock your pantry with healthy food — avoid the temptation of naughty stuff at home.

69. Go for a walk or a jog with your dog, or borrow a friend’s. Just be sure to give the borrowed pooch back!

70. Including protein in each meal will keep you satisfied for longer. Nuts, seeds, beans, or lean meats are great options.

71. What’s for dinner tonight? Tomorrow? A mean plan helps curb that last-minute dash to the takeaway.

72. Don’t let one day of indulgence turn into a month. If you have an indulgent meal, make sure your next meal is fresh and healthy!

73. Have a busy day? Use exercise to bring balance to your day with a light walk or yoga session.

74. If you can’t imagine eating something for life, then don’t eat it. Fad diets? They’re a passing craze.

75. Vegetables sticks as a snack while you are prepping dinner are great! Have these ready in your fridge at all times.

76. Spend time with your family. Having fun and being happy are key to reducing your stress.

77. Not feeling motivated? Listen to the Rocky soundtrack. You can’t NOT move after that.

78. Have an attainable weight loss range — and think about how you’ll celebrate when you get there.

79. Plan ahead — make a fitness schedule for the week, so you’re more likely to stick to it.

80. Have short-term, medium and long-term goals. Then you’ll always have something to celebrate!

81. Plated meals are easier to control than sharing platters.

82. Keep going! Everyone loses motivation sometimes. Recognise this, and get back to your healthy routine.

83. Eating out is a special occasion. If you’re planning to order dessert, perhaps order an entrée instead of a main.

84. Going to an event where you’ll be tempted by unhealthy options? Take your own picnic or snacks — I bet they’ll taste better!

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